Simon Mullen

About Me

Photographic Art is not about exposure, composition, focus and depth of field, it is so much more. Self-expression in the dark room is expanded upon by digital software packages like Photoshop. Printing with different inks and paper types, their grain and density, ink absorption and light reflectance characteristics and archival properties allows you to express your art so that others can see what you see.

The images on this site are the artistic expression of how I see the world. They are not an attempt to capture reality. Each is a story, a work of fiction. Is it a story to which you can relate? I express no titles, as my life experiences are not yours. The common thread of human emotion allows us to discover similar themes. I hope these images spark your imagination, recall memories and read to you a story too.

Please use the contact page to send me your comments and stories. Please include your own email address if you wish to purchase a limited edition fine art print.